According to World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee, good page addresses should never change. Short URLs which hide complex programming code from the page address are good for webpage visitors. Please take a few minutes to devise a stable URL structure for your website before getting started, to reduce problems later.

This tool can help you generate the Short URL configuration needed for your wiki. After you've installed your wiki paste a url from the wiki into the form below. Our tool will examine the url structure of your wiki and what software you are running then take a guess of what article path you may want and then give you the configuration for that short url setup. At that point you'll have the option to change the article path and fine tune any issues in the detected software setup.

Before you go on, do make sure you haven't made a key mistake when you installed your wiki. Many people want /wiki/Article style urls like Wikipedia does and so they install their wiki at /{DOCUMENT_ROOT}/wiki/ this is incorrect. Wikis that use /wiki/Article style urls have their MediaWiki installation setup at /{DOCUMENT_ROOT}/w/ or /{DOCUMENT_ROOT}/ and setup short urls for /wiki/Article.